New Versions Of NetInfo And NetGong Available For Download

We have been working on some great updates to our award-winning network software. While visually NetInfo and NetGong remain the same, the back end code has been vastly improved. These improvements will allow us more flexibility and options in the future.

What’s New In NetInfo 8.5

  • Improved: Application data integration.
  • Improved: Intuitive user interface.
  • Improved: Integration with NetGong.

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What’s New In NetGong 8.5

  • Improved: Comprehensive monitoring.
  • Improved: SSL encrypted connections.
  • Improved: Integration with NetInfo.

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Download and Installation

The latest versions of NetInfo and NetGong represent the next step in functionality and usability, offering new improvements that appeal to both professionals and novices alike. We are confident you will not find this level of functionality at this price from any other network solution provider!

  • To download NetInfo 8.5 please click here.
  • To download NetGong 8.5 please click here.

Upgrading To The Latest Version

Upgrading to the latest version is the best way to start taking advantage of new improvements. If you purchased our software on or after May 18, 2013, you are eligible to receive an upgrade to the version 8.5 free of charge. Otherwise, you may purchase an upgrade subscription for all versions released throughout the subscription period at a special, greatly discounted price. This is the most economical way to keep your product up to date!

If you have questions after reviewing this announcement, please contact as at for assistance.

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