New Versions Of NetInfo And NetGong Available For Download

We have always been focused on continuous improvement to better meet your needs, and these latest releases represent the next step in ease of use and efficiency. We are confident you will not find this level of functionality at this price from any other network solution provider!

Please read this post for important information on new improvements, upgrading, and pricing.

What’s New In NetInfo 7.7

  • Improved: Lookup and Scanner tools that also report physical (MAC) addresses of computers in your local area network.
  • Improved: Integration with NetGong, enabling you to quickly and easily start monitoring your favorite network devices.
  • Improved: A few other minor improvements and bug fixes.

What’s New In NetGong 7.7

  • Improved: Support for SSL encrypted connections that provide you with security benefits during authentication with mail server and data communication.
  • Improved: Events engine that lets you to keep track of your network devices availability in real time.
  • Improved: Integration with NetInfo, enabling you to easily find all the available information about monitored devices.
  • Improved: A few other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Download and Installation

The latest versions of NetInfo and NetGong represent the next step in functionality and usability, offering new improvements that appeal to both professionals and novices alike.

  • To download NetInfo 7.7 please click here.
  • To download NetGong 7.7 please click here.

Upgrading to The Latest Version

Upgrading to the latest version is the best way to start taking advantage of new improvements. If you purchased our software on or after November 21, 2010, you are eligible to receive an upgrade to the version 7.7 free of charge. Otherwise, you may purchase an upgrade subscription for all versions released throughout the subscription period at a special, greatly discounted price. This is the most economical way to keep your product up to date!

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