Computer IP address tracing

There are a number of services on the World Wide Web that allow the users to perform a computer IP address tracing for free.

There are a lot of cyber offenders who seem to get away after committing petty crimes like sending abusive emails to people they hate, stalking someone etc. Nowadays, you can bring these people to justice by finding out their identity. Just like a person’s passport, the computer needs an IP address to log into the Internet. Every computer has an IP address and this address can be used to track the precise location of the computer. Suppose a cyber offender uses his personal computer to commit the crimes. Then the IP address tracing will help you track the criminal quickly.

IP address tracing facility is easier than it sounds.

All that you require is the IP address of the host computer. After typing in the address, you will have to hit the enter button to get the results.  Some of the computer IP address tracing utilities provide fairly accurate results and are widely used by web users. The important part is to review your results to find out whether the person has an ISP that gives them dynamic IP addresses.
There are a lot of people out there who live in constant fear of their online stalkers, but now you can take a breath of relief – thanks to the IP address tracing utilities. The World Wide Web is not a very safe place anymore as many psychopaths and sociopaths are all over the place waiting to strike.

The IP address tracing programs can help you identify the perpetrators easily, which in turn can help you safeguard yourself.

The computer IP address tracing facilities have also made it easier for law enforcement agencies to track the hackers who try to break into the personal data of people and wreak havoc in their life.

A quick guide to email IP tracker

Are you tired of those anonymous emails filled with offensive content, so here is an email IP tracker to get rid of those emails every day?

Do you feel disturbed and yet helpless when you get such emails? The email IP tracker can help you find out the culprit behind all those useless emails. The Internet is flooding with people from all over the world and it is really difficult to track down a person among the multitude of web users. The cyber criminals often use the vastness of the World Wide Web as a cover for their dirty tricks and get away with crimes.

Thanks to the email IP tracker, the cyber criminal can now be brought to justice in a few simple and easy-to-follow steps.

Once you get the mail from the anonymous address, you need to copy and paste the entire email into the space provided by the email IP tracker and press the start button. Within seconds, you will be provided with the location of the computer from which the message was sent.

The cyber criminals often log into different user accounts in order to send the offensive emails, but they seldom switch computers. Even if they do switch computers, they will seldom move geographically just to send one email. The computer’s IP address is unique to it and helps identify the computer along with its geographical location. The email IP tracker will find out the IP address of the PC that sent the email to your computer.
Once you get information about the location of the offender, you need to make sure that the emails come from the same location. After ensuring this, you can contact the law enforcement agency of your area to report the crime. The email IP tracker will help you make the Internet a safe place for your family and yourself.

How remote network monitoring can help you expand your business

Computers have become an essential part of our professional lives as the remote network monitoring  helps to expand your business irrespective of whether you have online presence or not.

Most businesses use computers and networks for their proper functioning and while they have a dedicated team of personnel to look into the issues relating to the same, it is not possible for the team to be present at all times. This is where the concept of cremote network monitoring omes in handy to ensure that your networks are functioning properly.
Remote network monitoring can be divided into two main categories, one where your IT infrastructure is monitored and second where you can set up help desk services. Both are equally essential for the smooth running of your organization. Help desk services through remote network monitoring not only reduces overhead costs but also ensures that your customers are well serviced at all times. Similarly, remote network monitoring of your infrastructure allows you to maintain all equipment in top working condition so that it does not hamper your business in anyway.

Remote network monitoring is not without its many benefits, the chief of which is the reduction of downtime of your network.

For example, if your server hard disk is running out of space, it is possible to be alerted well in advance by using remote network monitoring.
Secondly, remote network monitoring allows you to proactively monitor your network performance in real time, thereby increasing reliability of network. This allows you to understand and solve internal network problems remotely, which in turn ultimately leads to increased productivity and efficiency of the employees.
Lastly, remote network monitoring allows you to take complete stock of all computers and servers on your network, including their configuration details. This allows you to understand the extent of your IT infrastructure, which can be very useful if there is a problem.
All these remote network monitoring things ultimately lead to better and faster customer service, which in turn leads to more loyal customers and ultimately help you expand your business.

An Essential Guide about Why You Need to Monitor Server Uptime

Hosting a website involves understanding various issues about a web hosting service including monitor server uptime offered.

Most web hosting companies offer 99% and more uptime but this is neither constant nor is it the same for all websites hosted by the company. It is absolutely essential to monitor server uptime of all web hosting services before finally choosing one.

One very simple method to monitor server uptime is to watch the performance of other websites on that host.

However, this will not give you a clear idea as the website you are monitoring may be on a different server than yours. Another way is to use software that is available in abundance on the Internet to monitor server uptime. Here again the same problem of not knowing whether you are monitoring the same server or not arises.

The best option that many in this industry feel to monitor server uptime is to actually host a website for a short while with the web hosting company and then monitor server uptime of your website very closely, after which you can decide whether the company is providing what it promised or not. Most web hosting companies allow you a test trial of hosting and hence make it possible for you to monitor server uptime free of cost. Additionally, it would help if you can enroll the services of a third party to monitor server uptime of your website so as to get accurate data.

If the website does not offer a free trial or test plan, then you should opt for the minimum plan available, say on a monthly basis and then monitor server uptime of your website during that month. This gives you the freedom of changing hosting companies in case you are not satisfied with the service. However, you should never opt for hosting for longer periods say six months or a year before you actually understand the quality of the monitor server uptime offered by the company.

Why should you monitor server uptime?

Monitor Server Uptime is vital for a website or a network to remain up and running at all times to ensure maximum efficiency and profits.

If you are the owner of a website, you will certainly feel the pinch of slipped revenues for each and every minute the server remains down. The World Wide Web is a place where you get no second chances. Once a user faces difficulties with your server, he/she may not return again. In order to ensure that the web server remains running at all times, you can use tools and utilities that will constantly monitor server uptime to ensure everything is working in a proper manner.

On the Internet, the speed with which a website loads is very critical in judging its performance and usability. When you monitor the server uptime, you should keep in mind that a website that takes too long to load completely will cause a lot of users to log out and move on to other faster ones.

When you monitor server uptime, you are inadvertently makings sure that all the people who come to the website are getting a good user experience.

If you can monitor server uptime effectively, then you can contact the host as soon as the server goes down and have the problem fixed at the earliest. Server monitoring helps you keep a close watch on all types of network activity. When you monitor server uptime, you can find out the nationality of the users who frequent your website and provide unique content to satisfy their demands.

There are various type of uptime that good monitoring utility must consider, which includes HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, FTP etc. There are different online companies that offer to monitor server uptime for you and give you a detailed statistical report on a regular basis.

So, opt to monitor server uptime today!…-server-uptime.html

How can you benefit if you monitor my network ?

Nowadays, there are a number of network monitoring utilities making their debut in the market.

So, if you think that you need to monitor your network to maximize your profits, you can easily find a program that will serve your needs. If you are a windows user, you can simply check the condition of your network if you monitor my network places among the windows accessories. The network monitoring tools available in the Operating systems are more than enough to deal with the daily challenges faced by small users. To monitor my network places, you can download some of the freeware from the Internet and use them to log the information about the health of your network.

If you have a home or office network set-up that consists of a few computers, you simply need to monitor my network places of your main computer to see the condition of each and every computer connected to the network.

Some of the latest network monitoring programs can help you get a statistical report about the amount of time your network has been down within a specific time span and help you get rid of losses effectively.

When you monitor my network places along with good monitoring software, you will be able to see the bandwidth taken up by each and every machine in your network. You can also use the monitoring tools to check the traffic flowing across your network. Some of the best programs can simply alert you whenever the network goes down. The alerting system ranges from text, messages, emails, and even alerts on your PDA.

If you want to monitor my network places in order to know if your network is working perfectly or not, then some of the simple tools like ping and trace route can prove to be very useful.