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Network Monitoring with NetGong

A lot of people often class network monitoring as a form of spying without actually looking into the facts of it. Network monitoring is exactly what the name states, however it is monitoring for nothing but good causes; it is something that you should want at least one of your systems to be doing. Basically you should be aiming to use at least one of your computers as a means of monitoring network activity. So how does this actually work?

How does this actually work?

If you are aiming to use network monitoring there are a few things that you should keep in mind, for example it is vital that the system it is being performed on it always switched on. With this in mind it is also vital that your network monitoring systems are supplied with their own dedicated power lines and if not then they should at least be supplied with back up generators just in case. The reason as to why such aspects are of such importance is because network monitoring is a very important part of your network, since it is what sounds the alarm if something is wrong, which is what this form of monitoring is all about; looking after your system.
What it basically does is takes note of slow or failing systems and notifies the network administrator with regards to what is going on and as the system is always on it will be able to notify you of exactly when a program started to develop problems, allowing you to take care of said problem in a very timely manner. So how exactly does it inform of said problem? Such notifications can be sent in a number of ways for example email, pager alerts or phone calls, just keep in mind however that when or if these notifications of problems come in that you treat them as a very high priority and work to fix them as soon as possible before any damage is caused to your actual network system.
In order to carry out your network monitoring you need to ensure that you have the correct tools to do it, NetGong is a prime example of the perfect tool. It is through the use of this tool that people such as network administrators, webmasters and Internet service providers are able to keep check on their networked devices through the Internet, corporate intranet, or TCP/IP LAN. It is a powerful personal monitoring product that is said to deliver you low cost, simplicity of operation, and round-the-clock coverage.
Due to its simplicity when it comes to use, NetGong is classed as one of the most user friendly network monitoring tools that are available on the market. There are however some system requirements that surround the use of it, you need either of these; Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, and 7 as well as Internet Explorer 5.5 or later. This is so you can be one of the many people who are taking advantage of the unique set of professional features as well as high-quality and well-tested software that forms part of the NetGong program.
To successfully undertake network monitoring you will need the right tools and the right program to do it. Both of these aspects are provided to you in the form of NetGong. It is the perfect program when it comes to protecting your network and in my option is well worth the investment.